Suffering in the steps of St. Agatha

Today Holy Mother Church celebrates the feast day of St. Agatha, who was martyred at a very young age in Sicily.

She’s the patron saint of Ali, Sicily; bellfounders; breast cancer; bakers; Catania, Sicily; against fire; earthquakes; eruptions of Mount Etna; fire; jewelers; martyrs; natural disasters; nurses; Palermo, Sicily; rape victims; San Marino; single laywomen; sterility; torture victims; volcanic eruptions; wet nurses; Zamarramala, Spain.

In Italy, fireworks are set off to celebrate her feast. I’m still trying to figure out why!

She was forced to live in a brothel. Her breasts were cut off (hence the photo above). She was thrown into hot coals.

She must have truly loved Christ! We have so much to learn.

From an EWTN biography:

This simplicity and purity of heart; this love of being hid in God, through Jesus Christ, is the perfection of all our sacrifices, and the complete victory over self-love, which it attacks and forces out of its strongest entrenchments: this says to Christ, with St. Agatha, “Possess alone all that I am.”

And here’s this post from Catholic Fire:

St. Agatha is an excellent model of chasity and purity for us today. We live in a society of sensuality and “prostitution” where Christians are persecuted for their morality and struggle to defend that which is sacred. Through our media, we are constantly bombarded by the sensual temptations of our society – almost as if we are living in a house of ill repute. We do not suffer the physical torture that Agatha did, but most of us do experience the spiritual and psychological torment of living in a decadent culture.

Like St. Agatha, prayer and consecrating our lives to Jesus through Mary will help us to remain strong. The Holy Eucharist and the rosary are also very powerful weapons in the Spiritual Battle. If we follow the example of our crucified Lord, seek the solace of the Good Shepherd, and look to Him for all our needs, we will receive the strength we need to endure all of life’s daily trials and not grow weary on the way.