Epicurious on salt

James Cury over at the Epicurious blog, which I tend to enjoy reading, posted recently an interesting entry on salt.

Just as a means of an intro, the name of the blog–Epicurious–is a made-up word that combines “epicure” (a person with refined taste, especially in food and wine) and “curious.” The Epicurious blog, therefore, provides interesting information on food, wine, restaurants, etc.

But, I digress. This entry on salt caught my attention, naturally, because I tend to enjoy salt thoroughly and probably put too much on my foods. I don’t put much stock in it, but found it worth a post.

Cury says that there has been a recent study that suggests that salt serves, in many ways, as an anti-depressant. An interesting article on this study is located here.

Naturally, though, too much salt is bad. Cury writes: “Your food may be bland, and you may get depressed, but at least you’ll be healthy.”