Habitat for Humanity 5k & St. Joseph

This lovely–and rather embarrassing–picture is of me running the 2006 Habitat 5k. For many years, this was what I called my annual exercise.

Our 2009 5k is coming up and will take place on March 28. If anybody likes to run or walk and is in the area, please think about participating in the IU Habitat for Humanity 5k. You can learn more and register online using the very wonderful IU Habitat website. (That webmaster has outdone himself!)

This is one of our biggest fundraisers done annually, and we all feel a bit behind this year.

Not helping matters is that we can’t do the 5k on the IU campus this year due to another 5k. (We’re competing with some other good cause that beat us to the campus location.) Also not helping matters, the location we selected–Lower Cascades–is not exactly ideal right now. There was an article in today’s HT stating that a tree fell over and tore up part of the road. They expect it will be closed for a few weeks. Who knows what this will mean for the 5k.

Not good for our biggest fundraising event!

Perhaps it would be a fitting time to send a prayer up to St. Joseph, patron saint of homes, workers, and faith. I think that St. Joseph smiles at the work of Habitat for Humanity, for its mission is much the same as his was: to provide for and protect those in need, to act on faith (Habitat is, of course, a faith-based organization.), and above all, to work for justice–with hands. Let’s not forget: he was the just man!

This is all why we have our 5k: to raise money to extend the hand of Christ to those in need who are reaching to grab onto it.

Will you help? At least by your prayers?

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