When the unnourished soul is nourished

Today Holy Mother Church celebrates the feast day of St. Catherine of Vadstena.

There was a time early in her life when her mother, St. Bridget, would not allow her to leave their living quarters for fear of her health and safety. Catherine found this a horrible situation, primarily because it meant she was unable attend Mass and confession: “I live a wretched life here, caged like an animal, while the others go and nourish their souls in church. In Sweden, my brothers and sisters are allowed to serve God in peace.”

How fortunate we are to be able to serve God in peace. Let’s thank God for that, and offer our prayers for those who, like Catherine, can’t.

It is said that Catherine went to confession one day, and was changed forever after. Her soul, which for quite some time was unnourished, was finally nourished! It was only after that–and because of that, I might add–that she was able to amend her life. She began to devote her life to the promotion of the Bridgettine Order (which her mother started).

Yes, there is power in this sacrament. And it can transform us!

American Catholic also share that Catherine “wrote about purgatory which, she said, begins on earth for souls open to God. Life with God in heaven is a continuation and perfection of the life with God begun on earth.”

St. Catherine of Vadstena: Pray for us!