Not for the weak stomach

Sometimes looking at gross things is fun. If you aren’t planning to eat in the near future, check this entry out at the Epicurious blog. It’s full of some very interesting photos.

It’s revolting. I can hardly look at these bugs. To think that people actually eat them…

I think the line should be drawn at cockroach or tarantula.

2 thoughts on “Not for the weak stomach

  1. Ahhhh! Michael! I am most sure your mother would not approve of such pictures! Does she still have some good influence over you? I hate this! I was just being complimentary too on the post above!


  2. Hahaha!!!

    It grosses me out, too. I just found it quite interesting that people eat things like that! If you go to that post you can see these things going in the oven. Yuck.



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