Saying yes to the mystery

Fr. Bill’s homily this morning was brief but good. The beauty of Mary’s “yes,” he said, was that she said yes not only to giving birth to Jesus as a virgin, but that she said “yes” to the mystery of God. She had no idea about what that yes would require; and certainly she had no idea that yes would mean seeing her son’s crucifixion.

We have to say “yes” to things, too. And more than saying yes to a specific thing, perhaps we ought to say yes to the mystery God wants to work in our lives.

And we must do so as Mary did: with faith, with joy, and with love!

I’m praying that Mary might increase my faith, joy, and love, so that I can follow her example and St. Augustine’s advice: “Mary carried Him in her womb; let us carry Him in our hearts; she gave birth to the Savior; let us give birth to praise.”

Mary, Handmaiden of God: Pray for Us!

2 thoughts on “Saying yes to the mystery

  1. I think Mary is even more relevent in today's society because many people will not believe anything unless it can be proven absolutely (yet they will believe anything of MTV)


  2. My Son,
    Did this make it to your blog?
    How did you like 10:00 Mass? As someone we know would say: “Glorious!”
    Ciao, Cure.


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