Graham crackers and virtue

I’m reading an interesting book and learned something about graham crackers.

Graham crackers are naturally made from graham, which is simply whole wheat flour. It derives its name from a Presbyterian minister from the 1800s named Sylvester Graham.

He took the concept of wheat flour and ran with it.

Graham was involved quite a bit with the Temperance Movement (which attempted to reduce alcohol consumption). He believed that eating a healthy diet was the way to cure alcoholism and digestion problems.

He is nicknamed the “peristaltic persuader” for reasons I wish not to write about.

Interestingly, Graham believed that eating fatty foods and meat led to sexual promiscuity, so he went around the US telling people to gain virtue by eating vegetables, fruits, and things made from wheat flour (in place of white bread). Because of his emphasis on the wheat flour, his followers began calling it “graham flour”.

I like practical advice. So next time I feel the need to increase in a certain virtue or ward off some kind of temptation, I will eat some Graham crackers.

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