Golden sayings from St. Giles of Assisi

Today is the feast day of St. Giles of Assisi, one of the early companions of Francis of Assisi. Francis called Giles the “Knight of the Round Table.” I can’t find any reason for this nickname, but surely there is one.

There is a book out there, actually digitized on Google’s library, called The Golden Sayings of the Blessed Brother Giles of Assisi. I’ve read through a few pages and find it worthwhile. It’s got a very thorough introduction. I’m going to use my remaining print quota at IU to print this whole thing out!

Here’s the table of contents, which gives you an idea about what the “golden sayings” in this book are concerned with:

I. On Virtues and Graces and their Effects and Contrariwise of Vices
II. On Faith and the Incomprehensibility of God
III. On Love
IV. On Holy Humility
V. On the Holy Fear of the Lord
VI. On Patience
VII. On Holy Solicitude and Watchfulness of Heart
VIII. On Contempt of the World
IX. On Holy Chastity
X. On the Combat with Temptations …
XI. On Penance
XII. On Prayer and its Effect
XIII. On Contemplation
XIV. On the Active Life
XV. On the Continual Exercise of Spiritual Caution
XVI. On Useful and Useless Knowledge and on Preachers of the Word of God …
XVII. On Words that are Good and not Good
XVIII. On Perseverance in Good 58
XIX. On Religion and the Safety Thereof
XX. On Obedience and its Utility
XXI. On the Recollection of Death
XXII. On Shunning the World
XXIII. On Perseverance in Prayer
XXIV. On the Graces and Virtues which are acquired in Prayer
XXV. On the Negligence of Prelates in the Canonization of Certain Friars
XXVI. How Blessed Giles settled Sundry Noteworthy Questions

One of my favorites that I’ve read just now: “If you love, you will be loved. If you fear, you will be feared. If you serve, you will be served.”

I will share more as I come across them.

St. Giles: pray for us!