Firmly in his hands

“No one can take them out of my hand.”

Jesus speaks these words in today’s Gospel (Jn 10:22-30).

Sometimes it’s nice to remember that we are firmly in the hands of God. Once we surrender to him, he won’t let go.

To surrender means to be a sheep in the way Jesus tells us: We must hear his voice, follow him, know him, and receive the gifts he gives us (through the sacraments!). If we surrender, we are sheep set firmly in God’s hands.

I love the words from Fr. Pedro Arrupe, former general of the Jesuits. He passed away shortly after writing to his successor: “More than ever, I find myself in the hands of God. This is what I have wanted all my life from my youth. But now there is a difference; the initiative is entirely with God. It is indeed a profound spiritual experience to know and feel myself so totally in God’s hands.”

But, as Fr. Bill reminded us today, even though God will never let go of us, that doesn’t mean we don’t foolishly try. How often we tend to squeamishly attempt to emerge from those hands, like babies in the arms of their parents.

Why try to flee to our own devices when God is already got us covered?