Introducing the robot teacher

Ran across this article on the Fox News website.

I thought it was interesting enough for a post.

I have a hard time taking this seriously, and when I do, I am discouraged; it seems to me there is personal interaction that must be present for learning to occur. Can’t happen with a robot–even an emotional robot.

That said, I think a robot could have done a lot better teaching than some of my high school teachers.

And I am also curious as to why they want a robot in every home by 2015. Tutoring?

In what could be a harbinger of the future, elementary-school students in Tokyo are being taught by a robot.

Saya is the result of 15 years of research and is being tested as a teacher after working as a receptionist.

She — or it — is multilingual, can organize set tasks for pupils, call the roll and get angry when the kids misbehave.

Saya is just one example of Japan’s determination to put a robot in every home by 2015.

The robot was originally developed for companies who want to cut costs by replacing office workers such as secretaries and receptionists with an android that had a range of human expressions.