"American Pie": America’s best pizzas

Pizza. I’m convinced it’s the perfect food.

But who makes the best one out there?

Alan Richman, of GQ, traveled across the US in search for the best 25 pizzas out there.

This slideshow has a description and photo for each. I’m hungry.

Here’s the list:

  1. Great Lake, Mortadella pie, Chicago
  2. Lucali, Plain pie, Brooklyn
  3. Pizzeria Delfina, Panna pie, San Francisco
  4. Pizzeria Bianco, Margherita with prosciutto, Phoenix
  5. Bob & Timmy’s, Spinach-and-mushroom pizza, Providence
  6. Sally’s Apizza, White pie with potato, New Haven, Conn.
  7. Tomato pie, The Grandma, Los Angeles
  8. Co., Margherita, New York City
  9. Tacconelli’s, White pie, Philadelphia
  10. Totonno’s, Margherita with pepperoni, Brooklyn
  11. Tarry Lodge, Clam pie, Port Chester, NY
  12. Frank Pepe, The Original Tomato Pie, New Haven, Conn.
  13. Luigi’s “the Original”, Gourmet veggie pizza, Harrison Township, Mich.
  14. Gialina, Wild-nettle pie, San Francisco
  15. Buddy’s, Cheese pizza, Detroit
  16. Antica Pizzeria, Pizza del cafone, Marina Del Rey, CA
  17. A16, Romana pie, San Francisco
  18. Al Forno, Grilled pizza with roasted eggplant, Providence
  19. Galleria Umberto, Square slice, Boston
  20. Famous Joe’s, Slice, New York City
  21. Tomatoes Apizza, Pepperoni pie, Farmington Hills, Mich.
  22. Osteria, Zucca pie, Philadelphia
  23. Santarpio’s, Homemade-sausage pie, Boston
  24. Niki’s, Cheese pizza with feta, Detroit
  25. Una Pizza Napoletana, Margherita, New York City

I’m unsure about Bloomington’s best. Cafe Pizzeria is close to the top, but Mother Bears might win.

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