The St. Philip Neri series and some prayers

So here’s the deal. I am focusing my blogging activities today solely on St. Philip Neri. Read why in the post below.

This is a five part series!

  1. The Holiness and Geniality of St. Philip Neri [Finished, below.]
  2. Some fun penances given by St. Philip Neri
  3. Informational post on the Congregation of the Oratory of Divine Love, which he founded
  4. A reflection on his dedication to the youth
  5. A reflection on Corpus Christi

I may not get through them all today. I’m about to take off for afternoon/evening things, so I may not finish until tomorrow.

But if you will be joining me at Mass tonight or any place else, you might want to pray to St. Philip Neri. Especially in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Here are some excellent prayers to or by St. Philip Neri.