Blessed John XXIII: "We are not angels"

Today Holy Mother Church celebrates the feast day of Blessed John XXIII, the Pope who called for the Second Vatican Council but died before its completion.

He had quite a sense of humor:

  • Blueprints were being drawn for a new building on Vatican grounds. The architect prepared the blueprints carefully and submitted them to Pope John XXIII, who looked them over and wrote in one of the margins: “Non sumus angeli,” which means, “We are not angels.” No one quite knew what he meant by this until someone noticed that there were no bathrooms in the blueprints. Ha!
  • A reporter asked the Pope about how many people worked in the Vatican. He replied: “About half of them.”
  • Pope John XXIII’s predecessor was Pope Pius XII, born Eugenio Pacelli. The first time Pope John XXIII was carried on the papal throne, he asked: “How much did Pacelli weigh? From now on, your salary is doubled.”

One thought on “Blessed John XXIII: "We are not angels"

  1. My favorite John XXIII quote has to do with his prayer before bed at night.

    It is said that he would say: “I have done all I can, now it is Your turn I am going to sleep.”


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