"Strip the fox": Defending the Church and working for peace

Today Holy Mother Church celebrates the feast of St. Irenaeus, who lived under the influence of St. Polycarp, who had known the apostles.

The name Irenaeus means peace. Sure enough, St. Irenaeus lived up to it. He was deeply concerned with unity in the Church and defended her against the heresies of Gnosticism. He called this process “stripping the fox.”

I enjoyed reading these words written by this saint:

Seeing, therefore, that we have such testimony, we do not need to seek elsewhere the truth which it is easy to find in the Church. For the apostles, like a rich man at the bank, deposited lavishly with her all aspects of the truth, so that everyone, whoever will, may draw from her the water of life. For she is the door to life, and all others are thieves and robbers.”

And I love the quote Irenaeus is famous for: “The glory of God is man fully alive!”

St. Irenaeus: Pray for us and continue to protect Holy Mother Church!