Three Cups of Tea

Yesterday I went to Holy Mass at 5 at St. Charles, partly because it was Fr. Bill’s first day back on the job after taking some time off to recover from his hip surgery.

And this morning, I went to St. Mary’s in Indianapolis because my parents and I had never been there before. Despite some sound system problems (which couldn’t have been helped), a few words added to the Eucharistic Prayer that didn’t belong there (a pet peeve of mine), and the absence of altar boys (a very sad thing), it was a nice Mass.

Both priests went the same direction with today’s readings–a direction I didn’t expect either time. But it was a good message: that we ought not get bogged down by problems in the world and throw our hands up in the air in defeat. Rather, we need to better the world one person at a time. And, as Mother Teresa always said, start with the people nearest you.

Both Fr. Bill and the visiting priest at St. Mary’s (Fr. Michael is on the river) mentioned the book Three Cups of Tea. Read about it here.

It must be a good book.

And this morning, Father shared the “starfish story”–a story I head a while back at a Habitat dedication. I shared it on my blog back in December on this post. Give it a glance if you don’t know it.