The burning tears of St. Lawrence

Today, Holy Mother Church commemorates St. Lawrence.

Have you ever heard of the tears of St. Lawrence? If you have a few minutes and want a nice Youtube video to watch, check watch this video. Pay attention to the end, with the meteors.

Why the “tears of St. Lawrence”?

St. Lawrence’s care for the poor, the ill, the neglected have led to his patronage of them. His work to save the material wealth of the Church, including its documents, brought librarians and those in related fields to see him as a patron, and to ask for his intercession. And his incredible strength and courage when being grilled to death led to his patronage of cooks and those who work in or supply things to the kitchen. The meteor shower that follows the passage of the Swift-Tuttle comet was known in the middle ages as the “burning tears of Saint Lawrence” because they appear at the same time as Lawrence’s feast.

I guess it’s time for some stargazing!

St. Lawrence: Pray for us!