A day at Cedar Point

Began the day by going to Mass at St. Mary’s at 8:15 this morning here in Sandusky, OH. An absolutely beautiful church. The church has been around for quite some time.

The organ was used…yes, even for a daily Mass on a Monday morning. Father gave an excellent homily, talking about our tendency to ignore some of the Old Testament. He talked about the reading from Judges and proceeded to talk about how we must always put God first. A message we’ve heard a lot, but I liked it especially because he talked about it in the context of the priesthood and being available to the people…especially sacramentally.

This, I believe, is why the pastor is celebrating Mass on a Monday morning. And why he offers the sacrament of penance 30 minutes before EVERY Mass.

Such a wonderful Priest!

And there is something in this man that one can easily identify the joy he finds in his life as a man, in his life as a Christian, in his life as a Catholic, and in his life as a Priest. Because he smiled frequently!

How often people forget to be joyful.

After Mass went to Cedar Point and rode many rides, some more than once: the raptor, the dragster, tower of power, corkscrew, gemini, mine ride.

Unfortuantely, after waiting in line for about two hours for the Maverick (one of the best), it started to rain. They shut it down. We waited for another hour for the rain to stop, but no such luck.

It was time for a pizza. Then went to the pool, to get a drink at Applebee’s, and now ready for bed.

Good night!