The Holy Name of Mary

Today Holy Mother Church celebrates the Holy Name of Mary.

From American Catholic:

The feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary began in Spain in 1513 and in 1671 was extended to all of Spain and the Kingdom of Naples. In 1683, John Sobieski, king of Poland, brought an army to the outskirts of Vienna to stop the advance of Muslim armies loyal to Mohammed IV in Constantinople. After Sobieski entrusted himself to the Blessed Virgin Mary, he and his soldiers thoroughly defeated the Muslims. Pope Innocent XI extended this feast to the entire Church.

Let’s you and me entrust ourselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary as Sobieski did. She’ll get us through anything. Kneel before her and pray!

I think it’s safe to say this, a point Fr. Donald Calloway made last year at the Catholic Men’s Conference: Anyone who has left the faith–especially Priests and religious who run away from their vows and “lose” their vocations–did not have a solid devotion to Mary.

In other words, these people failed to call upon the Holy Name of Mary on a regular basis and in a real way.

Let’s not make that mistake.

Perhaps I shall make another post on the power of the name of Mary…after the Unstable.

In the mean time, let us say: HAIL MARY!