The last high school seminary: "At any age, God can plant the awareness of this vocation"

The Deacon’s Bench points out attention to this video on the New Evangelization Television Network’s website.

This video profiles Cathedral Preparatory Seminary in the Diocese of Brooklyn, the last high school seminary in the United States.

In 1963 there were 160 high school seminaries–and about 40 of them were diocesan seminaries. And in the year 2001, there were 10 high school seminaries remaining. And then, now, there is one.

My thoughts on high school seminaries are divided. The problem most cited with them is that these young men are simply too young and immature. There’s something to that.

Others cry a related objection that one really needs a bit more real-world experience, even if it is simply living the normal high school and college life.

I think there’s something to these objections. But, perhaps I am simply morning the loss of the “culture” of priestly vocations that once was. High school seminaries played into that significantly.

And then I appreciate the point made in the video: God can and does plant vocations in people of all ages. And if a priestly vocation is there in a young man, what better place to be than in the seminary?

Check it out.

One thought on “The last high school seminary: "At any age, God can plant the awareness of this vocation"

  1. I see both sides as well, but we both know one priest who I think rather froze emotionally in his maturity level around age 13 and that was when I believe he entered.
    Smart as a whip, but not so sure about other areas in his thinking. So, I don't know..guess it plainly does depend on the individual child.
    At any rate, what about the LOC …don't they still try to take them in very young..Legionaires of Christ?


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