The tower of Babel

Recently I purchased the book, The Timeline of the Bible. It’s a great read.

I (re?)learning things as I’m reading it. It ties things together to form a nice “whole” quite well.

Like the Tower of Babel. I knew of it, but not much. Here’s what I’ve been reading most recently:

The descendants of Noah went about creating it mostly as a way to reach up to heaven. They built the thing out of bricks and bitumen. They got it built pretty high, but it was never finished.

Why? Because God saw what they were doing and put the kabosh on it. It was not how He had planned to come to them. Rather than just destroying the tower, God decided to make everyone involved in the building process start to speak different languages.

No one could communicate! And so the work stopped, and everyone separated by the language he spoke, causing the spread of mankind across the earth.