Eat yogurt…prevent the flu

This post on the Nutrition Data blog tells us that the probiotics (the good bacteria in yogurt) prevent the flu and cold.

This post seems to focus on the “probiotic supplements or placebo pills”, and says that in a recent study, kids who took these supplements “had about half as many fevers, coughs, and runny noses, took fewer prescriptions and missed fewer days of school.”

Works for adults, too, and of course it doesn’t need to be in pill form. Yogurt works.

This is good news, because I refuse to get the flu shot.

2 thoughts on “Eat yogurt…prevent the flu

  1. I've never gotten the flu shot either, and never ended up needing it… hopefully I won't regret not getting it this year too…
    Another thing yogurt helps out with is with strep throat. Every time I have gotten it the doctor always tells me to eat yogurt… something about the active stuff in it helps heal the throat.


  2. I think that yogurt is a good idea and I have felt better about several things after eating it more the last few years. Mike I don't know if Teresa ever mentioned something called Airborne to you, but we have had some good success with that as well..taking it at the first sign of say a little scratchy throat or before being in an inclosed space like airplanes, classrooms, etc. during cold seasons. It was developed by a school teacher who was sick of getting sick from her student's colds regularly. We've used it for several years now. It may not stop something, but one thing, almost everytime, the symptoms have been drastically reduced. The teacher had turned it over to another company and then people were complaining that it was not working as well. Guess she discovered they were not putting in the proper or enough ingredients..probably to cut costs but still make the $$ and she got it back and now makes sure that it is done the original way. You can get it most anywhere now..there are generic brands, but I would suggest the Airborne brand, myself.
    You might just check it out!
    I don't think I'll take the swine flu, but may take the other shot..not sure..I've taken it a few times in the last few years because I used to tend towards a little pneumonia when I got sick and it was suggest that I might should begin to just take one each year. I don't know…its just something to pray on, but you're a young dude!

    Hey, the Bible page from your class, is great! Thanks for sharing that with old people too!
    God bless you, Mike…you are in our prayers. Please! Keep us all in yours too. Amen! Right? 🙂


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