Four purposes of the Mass

A post on the De Cura Animarum blog about Ad Orientem includes this very nice picture.

In case you can’t read the text, the middle says: “The Sacrifice of the Mass Is Offered For Four Ends”. Adoration, Thanksgiving, Atonement, Petition.

By the way, a nice discussion is going on in the comments box of that post.

2 thoughts on “Four purposes of the Mass

  1. oh yes, it is definitely satanic. thats why the person in the picture is bowing to God, right? Because anyone who worships God is obviously satainc. like, duh, that is so kindergarten you guys. God actually means “satan” in pig-latin, for reals. sometimes i really do believe that people shun things they dont understand. the intelligence of the world is obviously degrading. gosh, and i really had higher expectations for humanity, too. well, there are some people who are more open minded than others. this picture is really beautiful, and it definitely helped me with my religion assignment, so thanks for sharing. 😉


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