Candy corn

Halloween is almost here
goblins and ghosts, oh the fear!
Pumpkins, black cats and witches too,
Bobbing for apples and witches brew.
So jump for joy and sound the horn,
relax and have some candy corn!

Not sure who wrote this, but I will find out.

Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s now upon us! One reason, high on the list, is candy corn.

I think we come to experience Fall with the sense of sight, the sense of smell, the sense of touch, the sense of hearing, and thanks to candy corn, the sense of taste.

At least one reader of this blog will recall that when I was in daycare, Mom would pick me up and have a small pack of candy corn on the back seat waiting for me…as a treat.

Perhaps that is a significant reason I have such fond feelings for candy corn!

Not to mention, it’s not all that bad for a person. A cup of candy corn has fewer calories than a cup of raisins.

One thought on “Candy corn

  1. I like a little candy corn. I mean…I could sit and eat and eat it mindlessly, but after a few bites, I tell myself how it is eating away at my teeth..but like know..I think it is the colors of them that make me happy about Fall. Hmmm…anyway this has been fun talking all about candy corn and so I wanted you to know that you have a sorta fellow fan! Ha!
    Mike, my word verification was
    graces! How funny is that?


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