"Francis the Sinner"

Today Mother Church has been commemorating St. Francis Borgia. He held some political offices in Spain (was a Duke at 33).

He began his life of prayer after the funeral of a woman who had been powerful and beautiful, Queen Isabella. He learned from this moment the unimportance of those things that the world finds most valuable. And so he set out for a life of prayer.

Francis later founded a monastery and school of theology.

It was just around this time that the Jesuit order was coming into existence. Francis sent word to Ignatius, founder of Jesuits, that he wanted to join. To the right is a photo of Ignatius receiving Francis.

He was ordained a Priest in 1551.

Francis was a very humble man and never forgot about his own sinfulness. He used to sign his letters, “Francis the Sinner”.

When asked why he wanted to join the Jesuit order when it was so new, and not some older order, he replied: “Age is no guarantee of goodness.”

St. Francis Borgia: Pray for us!