St. Edwin and the sparrow

Today Mother Church commemorates St. Edwin, King of Northumbria, who converted to the faith in 627 and died in 633.

Here’s his bio.

Someone asked him once why he converted to the Christian faith. Here is his answer: “Life is like the flight of the sparrow when he flied through the warm dining room on a winter’s day. He flied in one door and out the other, from the dark and cold of the winter outside to the warmth and light indoors…If we are not careful, he will return to the darkness and cold of the winter…but if we increase his knowledge of the warmth offered inside, he will stay. It is the same with Christianity.”

I like this quote, partly because my first question was: Who the heck wants a sparrow in his house?

There are people in the Christian house we don’t much care for. But we must nonetheless increase their knowledge of what the Christian house is, so that they might stay in it.

Let’s pray for St. Edwin’s intercession, that he might be with those who are thinking of leaving the Church, and that Almighty God might find ways to use us to keep them within the warm house of faith.