Where in the hell?

Lately I have been reading Dante’s Inferno. Just finished yesterday.

I hadn’t done a very good job of reading it first time. I came across much that I had little recollection of.

I found this diagram quite helpful in summarizing who is where in Dante’s hell.

Now perhaps I will re-read the Dante Club. I’m in the mood now.

5 thoughts on “Where in the hell?

  1. i had to read this my senior year of high school. it was an interesting experience because anytime questions about Catholicism came up, everyone looked to me to answer them.

    i remember something about bad popes/bishops being stuffed upside down in baptismal fonts?

    i need to read the whole trilogy


  2. I have never actually read Dante before, but I have read a suspense novel that focused a lot on the Inferno… the books was called “The Tenth Circle” by Jodi Picoult. It was very interesting.


  3. Liz: I know right??? It was so good, minus the who comic book part of it… the whole plot was really interesting. Another good book of hers that I love is “My Sister's Keeper.” I loved that book so much that I have been hesitant to see the movie… I heard it was not that great which kind of makes me sad… đŸ˜¦


  4. Sounds interesting. I read Plain Truth once, written by her. I generally try to stay away from “Lifetime recommended” books but that was a good read.


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