Mary: Queen of the Way

I decided that the appropriate name for the retreat that took place this past weekend for Confirmation students in their first year was “Lord, to whom shall we go?”

Of course, these are the words of St. Peter when Jesus, after having instituted the Eucharist causing some disciples to leave him, asks if Peter will also leave him.

Peter responds in a way that reveals that there is no one else to go to. Jesus is the goal.

And so the question that the retreat sought to answer: how do we get to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit?

It’s the lifelong journey of faith. Every journey has a starting point, a goal, and a way to get to the goal. I’m not going to go in much depth here, but the starting point is our current state of being (we’re all sinful and imperfect). The goal is complete union with God, aka eternal life. The way to get there is by keeping our eyes on the Lord, allowing him to lead us, walk with us, and push us from behind.

That’s how we keep moving forward on the journey of faith, the journey to God.

Largely what inspired this theme was the book of Proverbs. I love this book and read it daily, because it talks about things that get in our way on this journey. Things that make us turn away and walk away from God, things that make us turn off the path and attempt to make our own way, and things that make us get stuck.

So the talks had to do with this theme: the first was “companions on the journey”, the second was “Christ on the journey”, the third was “God’s calls on the journey” aka vocations and a chastity discussion that followed, and the last was “Obstacles on the journey”.

One always learns from doing a retreat what works and what doesn’t. I’d go back and switch some things around.

But one thing I mentioned and I hope was evident for everyone, was that the day wasn’t just about talking about how to move forward on the journey. No, it was actually doing it! That’s why we prayed together, went to confession, went to Mass, talked in pairs, etc. That’s how we move forward on the journey of faith.

One thing as I was reflecting tonight in adoration was that we probably should have mentioned Mary. Mary is queen of the way. She is queen of our journeys of faith. She is queen of our lives! We can never, ever expect to get to our goals without her help. Even if we don’t solicit her help, it is there, but her graces are with us all the more when we pray for them and petition our Blessed Mother!

A lesson for next year, perhaps.

Overall, I think it went well. I hope it did some good. Teresa’s post here suggests that it did, as she includes some comments from some of the retreatants.

One thought on “Mary: Queen of the Way

  1. aww, Mike, I feel special now. ha ha!

    As far as mentioning Mary more I think that we could have talked about her more… I know us girls talked about her in our girl discussion.

    Either way as you mentioned, the only thing to do about it know is make sure to remember that for next year.



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