Our Holy Father’s new ferula

Fr. Z alerts us here that His Holiness Pope Benedict the XVI has a new ferula. (A ferula is a staff.)

Quoting Fr. Z: “Pope Benedict began his pontificate using the staff of the late John Paul II. Then he changed to the more traditional ferula. Now he has his own ferula.”

One WDTPRS reader adds this: “The Holy Father’s new ferula has on the four points of the Cross the images of Saint Augustine, Saint Ambrose, Saint Athanasius and Saint John Chrysostom. They are Doctors of the Church who “support” the Chair of St Peter at St Peter’s Basilica.”

Look at this!!

And what a beautiful miter imaged with Our Lady!

He makes this look good.

Pray for our Pope!

3 thoughts on “Our Holy Father’s new ferula

  1. Sorry, I haven't been by..trying to catch up on reading, so I may not comment, but you know I love most everything you write..so interesting.

    I LOVE this miter!! Wow! 🙂


  2. Totally awesome! It's smaller and lighter for the Holy Father to tote.Plus, it has his papal coat of arms at the base of the cross…He's a great Pope!


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