Bl. John Ruysbroeck on love

Today Holy Mother Church celebrates the feast of Bl. John Ruysbroeck. He lived from 1293 to 1381, most of the time in Brussels.

More info about him is available here.

Ruysbroeck wrote many pamphlets and treatises confirming the faith in the face of opposition from heretics. I’d like to get my hands on some of his works.

But here I do have a book that houses a few snippets.

Here’s part of what he said on love: “Those who follow the way of love are the richest of all men living: They are bold, frank, and fearless. They have neither travail nor care, for the Holy Ghost bears all their burdens. They do not affect singular conduct. They are just like other good men.”

An interesting quote…very interesting to be sure. It’s good to think about the various ways love manifests itself in the world.

Bl. John Ruysbroeck: pray for us!