The eggnog riot of 1826

Tonight I enjoyed the first glass of eggnog of the holy day season. Delicious.

Southern Comfort Eggnog…that is the stuff!

Of course this occasion prompted me to do a google search on eggnog trivia.

Here‘s something interesting:

When informed that their Christmas eggnog would be alcohol free, cadets in North Barracks No. 5 decided to make their own eggnog with alcohol, for a Christmas eve late night/early morning celebration.

Of course it got noisy and they were caught. Shouting and general disorder developed, some swords were drawn, firewood crashed through windows, and at least one shot was fired. The artillery unit stationed at West Point had to be called in to quell the disturbance.

In the aftermath, 6 cadets resigned, 19 were court marshaled, and many, including a young Jefferson Davis, were confined to quarters for more than a month.

One thought on “The eggnog riot of 1826

  1. Eggnog happens to be a family tradition in our family…. After the Christmas tree is finally decorated my dad always pulls it out and says a toast… It's kinda silly, but really cute. Crista and him could drink eggnog all year round I think…


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