St. Fabian: Pray for us!

Today Mother Church has been celebrating the feast day of St. Fabian, the 20th Pope of the Church.

He was an very able administrator and knew his way around the intricacies of the Church, despite the fact that he was a lay man when he was elected Pope.

He reorganized the priests and deacons and went about creating 7 districts, an action that was undertaken as a result of the quick growth taking place. Each district was entrusted to a deacon, whose job it was to manage that particular district, always obedient to the Pope.

Fabian’s papacy lasted from 236 to 250, and it was marked by peace–a characteristic Fabian no doubt had to work hard to foster. Yet in the last year of his papacy, Decius became Emperor and began to persecute Christians.

Fabian was first to be imprisoned by Decius, and there he was tortured and killed and is thus a martyr of the Church.

His remains are buried in the Basilica of St. Sebastian.

St. Fabian: Pray for us!