Celebrating St. Paul

Yesterday marked the feast of the conversion of St. Paul.

His was a conversion experience we might wish for sometimes ourselves. It was loud and clear. He found God and boom, his world was changed forever.

So many people yearn to find God.

Fortunately, we are a Catholic people and know where Almighty God exists most of all: in Word and Sacrament.

Bishop Sheen was on to something when he said that finding God is the easy part. It’s looking at him and following that’s the hard part.

But St. Paul teaches us that once we find Almighty God and truly encounter him, our lives will be changed forever.

Another lesson I find here. St. Paul’s encounter with the living God not only changedhis life, but others’ lives also. Even to this day. My life is different because of St. Paul; and yours better be, too. Which means, simply, that once we find God, face him, and follow him, not only will our individual lives be changed, but so will the life of the world.

What a wonderful thing that happens when Jesus gets in the way on the roads of our lives.

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