March for life and DC trip

This will be brief.

Returned from DC yesterday night after a wonderful few days. The first day we arrived in the evening and had Mass at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Potomac, Maryland. We did not take part in the vigil Mass in DC, partly because we were not staying there. We ended up staying with various host families (two or three of us per household), all of whom are parishioners at Mercy. Mine were wonderful! They met us for Mass and dinner Thursday evening, after which we went home with them.

Friday was the March; we departed and stood in front of the Museum of Natural History for hours. Weather was good; no rain (because we brought our umbrellas) and fairly comfortable temperatures. We were counting on worse conditions.

The March itself began at 2pm; we didn’t get moving until almost 3. It was nice to be surrounded by so many people all on the same page about this important issue.

Plus, it was nice seeing so many nuns!

After the March, we parted ways in groups. My group ended up at the Air and Space Museum after walking some time around the capital building. Done with that after a few hours, went to Union Station for dinner and left sometime that evening for our host families.

We were pleased to see Archbishop Daniel there!

Saturday came, we vanned over to DC. Started at the National Shrine and spent about 1.5 hours there, if not more. The photo to the right is of many of the members of our class. (Not all were together at this point.)

Following that, we had lunch at the Capitol City Brewing Company near Union Station. Wonderful! Following, we did this went to archives but left after seeing an enormous line. Went to Arlington Cemetery for 1.5 hours or so–saw the changing of the guards and the Kennedy grave. Following that, we went to the WWII memorial and enjoyed the area around it. The reflecting pool is bigger than you’d think, which we discovered on our way to the Lincoln memorial.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

Anyhow, we left Sunday morning after Mass and got back at night. I’ve been trying to catch up since!

Pictures are forthcoming; will be posted someplace online.

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