Arthur Spooner and "toe memory"

Because I’ve got nothing to blog about today, and because this is one hilarious show:

Doug: Arthur, why are there numbers on the bottom of your socks?

Arthur: I’ve numbered all my pairs of socks 1-50. Apparently you have never heard of a thing called ‘Toe Memory’. You see, as a sock evolves, it either becomes a left sock, or a right sock. Mix that up, and your setting yourself up for a day of misery…and shame!

Doug: So how is the number 4 going to help you distinguish between a left sock and a right sock?

Arthur: Look Douglas, my system has its flaws. But believe me, i have looked at every angle of this…and this is the only way

Doug: You could just mark them with an ‘L’ or an ‘R’…

Arthur: Well there goes my Saturday off!!!