St. Rabanus, the pope’s slave: "Veni, Creator Spiritus!"

Today is the feast day of St. Rabanus Maurus, abbot and bishop.

He is the composer of a few wonderful hymns still in (not wide enough) use today, such as the Veni, Creator Spiritus.

Here is a wonderful video of this hymn (and some other hymns after it), a very popular Pentecost and Confirmation hymn:

St. Rabanus was ordained a priest in 815 and was named abbot 7 years later in Fulda. In 847 he became bishop of Mainz–actually, archbishop. Like many saints, he was rejected by those around him (especially his clergy) for upholding standards and enforcing them.

Go figure: people have been trying to do their own will in the name of religion for a long, long time. Thank the Good Lord for saints like St. Rabanus for telling them “No” when they needed to hear it.

So faithful to the truth (that is, the fullness of the Catholic faith) that he was known as the “pope’s slave”. That is obiedence. That is a good servant of God! That is a man we need for intercession!

St. Rabanus: Pray for us!