A seminarian’s prayer for his presbyterate

Loving God, I ask for a special blessing on all the priests of my diocesan presbyterate.

Help them to remember always that they do not work alone, but that they are an “intimate sacramental brotherhood” under the leadership of our bishop, a ministry team for which they are all responsible.

For the sake of their unified and coherent ministry, help them to rememebr that the ministry the do is not theirs along, but a share in our bishop’s ministry. For that reason, keep them always respectful of and obidient to his leadership.

Help them to be diligent in their ministry, absorbed in it, so that their commitment may be evident and their service helpful.

Inspire them to take good care of themselves and help them be attentie to becoming more effective in their service.

Show me, and my brothers in formation, ways to encourage our priests, those with whom we will someday be partners in service to the Church. Help them to set a good example for us in all that they do.

Support our sick, retired and absent priests with your loving care.

I ask this in the name of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen!