Lord, have mercy.

I went and say Repo Men tonight and, by golly, I just about puked at certain scenes.

But this brought me even closer.

Would that in her talks she could speak about what the proposed legislation would mean to those who will be killed before they even have a chance.

A faithful nun posted this to Fr. Z’s blog: “Let Speaker Pelosi pray to St Joseph all the more – invite it…for Ste Teresa de Avila says the glory of commending prayers to St Joseph is that he “fixes” them for us. (i.e., when we don’t ask for the right things, he does so on our behalf.)”

By the way, today is not the feast of St. Joseph the worker. That is May 1.

Without casting stones, let’s pray with and for Speaker Pelosi.

3 thoughts on “Lord, have mercy.

  1. I am so thankful that he will help to correct the prayers in God's timing, I am sure. I don't cast stones..not that you said I or any of us did or will, not in that I wish her dead. May she and many others wake up enough to realize that St. Joseph took care of Mother Mary AND her unborn child even when at first it was such a difficult decision…yet he listened to his conscience, a voice, a dream..is she sleeping through that small quiet voice and now the clear loud voices of the people..her and others..yes, I fear they are. God bless us all and have mercy! Amen
    We continue to pray.


  2. It makes me feel sad for Nancy Pelosi because if she is going to use Catholic feast days for her political ends, she probably needs to bone up on things first! I agree we really need to pray for her and all in Washington who are voting on our futures as I type!


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