Good Shepherd Sunday and the Eucharist

‘Tis the season for First Communions. They’re happening all over the place. St. Charles had one batch–the school kids–this past Saturday.

Today is also Good Shepherd Sunday, when we reflect on Christ’s role as our shepherd…who always looks for those who have separated themselves form him (that’s all of us, sadly).

One of my very favorite passages from the Bible is from Ephesians chapter 2 verse 13: “But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near in the blood of Christ.”

I like to think of it as “Christ the Shepherd meets the Eucharist,” knowing of course that the two are always one.

What a reality: the blood of Christ, which he shed for us, is the means by which he seeks after us. Christ in the Eucharist draws us to himself…and he remains with us always.

Let us pray for those who have received and will receive their first communion this year. What a life-changing moment!!

3 thoughts on “Good Shepherd Sunday and the Eucharist

  1. Hi, Mike! Guess where I went to Mass and who was our celebrant priest?
    How about Our Lady of the Springs in French Lick and how about Father Joe Moriarity?!
    Yep..and I told him that you were a good friend of our family and he said..”Oh yeah?” Then I told him you were going to be my latest grandboy's godfather in a couple of weeks. He asked the baby's name.. I told him Keegan. Well, it seems he will be coming I think he said to St. Paul in a week or two to Baptize a baby Keegan! How funny is that?
    Anyway, I loved that little tiny church and he celebrated a lovely Mass and I felt so warm and welcomed. Then as we were leaving, Father Joe goes to the back and starts pulling this rope and it was the church bell. It was so fun to think…like I was back in time..I want to go back there again. đŸ™‚


  2. Funny story about the Good Shepherd… well maybe not funny, but interesting. Fr. Don said in his homily for that particular gospel reading that his least favorite way of thinking of Jesus and God is as the good shepherd. He said sheep are animals that follow blindly the Shepherd's will, which is what we are supposed to do freely… but in reality us as humans tend to fight as hard as we can against what God wants us to do. We make excuses and avoid and ignore and tune out God when He is trying to point us the way that He wants us to go… I thought you might find that interesting.



  3. Suzanne:
    I hope you had fun in French Lick! What was the occasion? Just for fun? Yes, I think the world of Fr. Joe. He is a great spiritual director and just a wonderful presence here on the Hill. That is a beautiful church there in French Lick!

    Yes, the image of Christ as the Good Shepherd is one of my favorite images of God, too. Has been for some time. I've got a beautiful painting in my room of the Good Shepherd and my devotion has grown after reading over again all the biblical mentions of the shepherds, lambs, etc. I think of myself often as a lost lamb!


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