The first fruit

Some horticulturists suspect that the banana was the earth’s first fruit.

Banana plants have been in cultivation since the time of recorded history.

One of the first records of bananas dates back to Alexander the Great’s conquest of India where he first discovered bananas in 327 B.C.

2 thoughts on “The first fruit

  1. Mike..Isn't Alexander the Great, the one who Maria named Keegan Alexander after?
    We have been huge banana fans in our home, ever since our little baby David was born. With his disease, all he could enjoy as far as tasty food went, was the banana. He could digest it well and it was sweet, unlike the nasty formula that he had to drink because nothing else settled. So, God gave him bananas to enjoy and my nephew, Mark, nick-named him “Nanner Man” and had the name printed in big yellow letters on a blue sweatshirt that he'd wear while eating this sweet gift from God. 🙂 So, “nanners” are a McConnell inside fun story, plus, I think they make our hearts work pretty sweet. 🙂


  2. Hmm…maybe since our David is a Saint now..he'd be the Patron of sweet fruits. Kinda makes up for that ol apple story, wouldn't you say?


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