St. Ven. Bede, "candle of the Church"

Today Mother Church celebrates the feast day of St. Venerable Bede, priest and doctor of the Church.

According to American Catholic, Bede is one of very few to be made a saint during his lifetime. Evidently he was bestowed the title “Venerable” late in his life or soon after his death.

He was ordained a deacon at 19 and a priest 11 years later. Always with his head in a book, he wrote some very famous works, such as Ecclesiastical History of the English People.

Interestingly, he is the man who brought into use the “AD” that follows our dates. (AD stands for Anno Domini, “year of the Lord”).

He died after reciting his favorite prayer: the Glory Be.

St. Boniface, on learning of his death, wrote this: “The candle of the Church, lit by the Holy Spirit, is extinguished.”

Let’s keep that candle burning, through the Holy Spirit, amen.

St. Bede: pray for us!