A poem on the anniversary of Fr. Charlie’s passing

I dedicate this poem to Fr. Charlie Chesebrough, my former pastor. Fr. Charlie loved statues, I suspect because it is within the stable concrete of a statue that we can come to learn timeless lessons that help us to concretize our faith here on this side of heaven. The lives of our fathers in faith—though they fade away to the recesses of our minds too often—illumine the way, offset the world, and bring us closer to God each day we look to them.

The cast concrete formed the great shape
Of the strong, ebullient saint.
Still producing by its strong scape,
It remains—yet grows faint.

There are times when I must wonder
Why the figure fades away.
But blinded by sun, deafened by thunder,
It still emits a mild ray.

Weeks passed and minutes expired.
Weeds harass, weather upsets.
And the grand statue, though tired,
Still empowers, still offsets.

Hard to believe it’s been two years. I still think of you and pray for you daily, Father Charlie!

One thought on “A poem on the anniversary of Fr. Charlie’s passing

  1. I did too..alot this week..I also asked him to pray for poor pitiful us here..I was praying with a lady..the rosary around the Rachel statue and Patti came up and pointed over to an empty concrete bench over near the rectory in the shade. She said Father Charlie had gotten it but had never taken the time to sit on it that she knew of…it hit me because yesterday I had heard it was the day he passed and I thought and said..”Hey..he's probably sitting over there right now!” 🙂 Could have been! 🙂 May Father Charlie's soul rest in peace and may all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace, Amen..Father, pray for us! Amen
    Suzie and family


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