Feast day of Elijah

Today is the feast day of the Old Testament prophet who lived sometime in the ninth century BC.

What we know of Elijah we know from the Bible:

  • We know that Elijah was able to restore a dead boy back to life. 1 Kgs 17:17-24
  • We know he advocated the worship of the true God while the pagans were worshiping Baal. We know he called down fire from heaven at Mount Carmel in a “showdown” with those who worshiped Baal. 1 Kgs 18:20-46
  • We know God called him to Mt. Horeb, commanding him to form a revolt. 1 Kgs 19:11-18
  • We know that he ascended into heaven in a whirlwind and that Elisha was his successor. 2 Kgs 2:9-12

Tradition has it that Elijah founded the Carmelite order, making it the oldest religious order.

Let’s pray for them today.

Elijah: Pray for us!

3 thoughts on “Feast day of Elijah

  1. Kevin, here's the list I found and posted some time ago:

    Saint Melchisedech, August 26.
    Saint Abraham, October 9.
    Saint Moses, September 4.
    Saint Joshua, September 1.
    Saint Ezra, July 13.
    Saint Hosea, October 17.
    Saint Obadiah, November 19.
    Saint Jonah, September 21.
    Saint Elijah, July 20.
    Saint Elisha, June 14.
    Saint Jeremiah, May 1.
    Saint Samuel, August 20.
    Saint David, December 29.
    Saint Isaiah, May 9.
    Saint Job, May 10.
    Saint Zechariah, September 6.
    Saint Joel, October 19.
    Saint Amos, June 15.
    Saint Ezekiel, July 23.
    Saint Nahum, December 1.
    Saint Habakkuk, December 2.
    Saint Zephaniah, December 3.
    Saint Haggai, December 16.
    Saint Malachi, December 18.
    Saint Micah, December 21.
    All the Forefather Saints of Jesus Christ, December 24.


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