St. Clare: Shine on!

Those wonderful Desert Nuns in Arizona–the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration of Our Lady of Solitude–just celebrated a solemnity yesterday on the occasion of the feast day of their founder, St. Clare, together with Poor Clares and Franciscans around the world.

The image to the right is that of St. Clare of Assisi. It’s a new stained glass window at the Poor Clares’ monastery in Arizona.

Their blog mentions that it is has been said of St. Clare that “her life was like an arrow which took flight from the bow of her single-minded, burning desire and sped upward into the very being of the Godhead.”

The nun writing the blog entry reflected on this quote:

Once she fell in love with the Lord, there was no stopping her. She journeyed – with a daring heart – ever closer to the FIRE of HIS LOVE – her eyes fixed on her Goal…yet, as a true follower of St. Francis, she gratefully received the gift of the present moment. She found her Lord along the road. She rejoiced in Him. She led others to Him. She reflected His Light.

Some excellent words. People such as St. Clare reflect the light of God! And so, our journey into Light is aided by those we encounter along the way who reflect His Light so well.

Let’s pray for the Poor Clares!! A rosary perhaps is fitting…invoking Our Lady of Solitude.

St. Clare: Pray for us and all Poor Clares!

One thought on “St. Clare: Shine on!

  1. St. Claire is one of my favorites… Funny story. I used to have a beagle dog when I was 13/14, and I named her Franny Claire… after St. Francis and St. Claire. We ended up having to give her away because we just did not have the time to care for her. I was not so great with taking care of pets back in those days…



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