New perpetual adoration chapel

The Perpetual Adoration Chapel of the Good Shepherd was dedicated yesterday in Jennings County.

I think that the Archdiocese now has nine or ten perpetual adoration chapels. May God be praised!

Adoration and glory belong by right to the lamb who was slain!

I remember at St. Charles waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning to “do my hour” every first Saturday. Most times, especially in the cold, I wondered when that alarm went off: why am I doing this?

And sure enough, Jesus would always remind me: because I want to be with you, and you need to be with me.

Adoration is crucial for the health of one’s spiritual life!

Not once did I leave my adoration hour grumpy.

The Eucharistic Lord changes us when we receive him worthily and when we make ourselves present to him.

Check out these photos from Fr. Meyer:

2 thoughts on “New perpetual adoration chapel

  1. Father Meyer brings Love and a determination to keep Love HIMSELF around wherever he seems to go in more wonderful ways! I so wish our youth at St. Charles could have a bit of his time..they so need this for awhile, don't you think? This is precious!


  2. I really wish there was an adoration chapel in Bloomington! I need some more face time with Jesus. My friend Alexa, who entered the convent, had an hour at our chapel in Kokomo on Thursdays at 1am…when I could get out of bed or stay awake (haha) I'd go with her and some of our other friends (also future nuns hehe) and we'd be the only people in there for an hour or two đŸ™‚



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