Terre Haute news

A couple cool Catholic things going on in Terre Haute.

First, Andrew Domini, 19, walked some 90 miles towards a shrine at St-Mary-of-the-Woods after seeing the CNN Presents piece that profiled the Sisters. Perhaps his prayers offered there at the Woods for his friend with cancer will yield another miracle for St. Theodore Guerin. Let’s hope so! Domini is not Catholic but felt summoned to the Woods. There, he said, he found great hospitality and…peace. The story is here.

Another piece of news comes from St. Ann’s in Terre Haute, which is all set to close very soon. The parish is donating its altar, baptismal font, pews, tabernacle, candles, vestments and robes to a parish in Kentucky recovering from the destruction that came from a recent tornado. The parish, Sister Connie explained, has been “part of the mission for a time…but now the broader church has to be taken care of.” The parish has served the community and the Church for its life, and now it fittingly will do so even as it closes. Here’s this story.