When prayers are answered

“We must take the power of prayer on faith. We shall never know till the last day all the answers there have been to our prayers, nor how they have told upon the Church for hundreds and hundreds of years.

“Look, for example, at St. Stephen’s prayer, when he was stoned to death. It obtained the conversion of St. Paul, who was holding the clothes of Stephen’s murderers. Only think of all St. Paul has done, and continues to do daily, and will go on doing till the end of the world…

“So, perhaps, somebody asks the prayers of the Confraternity [so that] obstacles to his vocation to the religious life or the ecclesiastical state may be removed, and it is granted some Friday evening to our prayers. He becomes a priest: he saves hundreds of souls; these souls save others, some by becoming priests themselves, some by becoming nuns, some by becoming holy fathers and mothers in the world; and so the prayer goes on spreading and spreading, and may very likely be found actually at work in the dead of that night when all the earth will be awakened to see our Lord coming in the east.

“Thus you must not look too much to visible fruits and to public results.”

Father Frederick Faber, C.O.
All for Jesus
Page 18