Day 6 of the St. Philip Neri Novena

St. Philip Neri’s feast day is just a few days away, on May 26. In preparation, many of us have been praying the novena imploring the intercession of the saint.  Neri is very special to me–he is a fine example of all that is good in a disciple of Christ, all that is good in a priest, and he is my confirmation saint.  He has been looking out for me for a long time now, and there are so many treasures I keep discovering about him that were unbeknownst to me when I selected him to be my patron years ago.  I believe the Spirit was guiding my choice.

Given that St. Philip Neri is so often–and quite appropriately–associated with the Holy Spirit on account of his charismatic and spirited nature, it is so nice that this year his feast follows so closely the Solemnity of Pentecost, which we are celebrating today.

In any event, just wanted to share the prayer that closes the sixth day of the Neri novena:

Philip, my glorious Advocate, who didst ever follow the precepts and example of the Apostle St. Paul in rejoicing always in all things, gain for me the grace of perfect resignation to God’s will, of indifference to matters of this world, and a constant sight of Heaven; so that I may never be disappointed at the Divine providences, never desponding, never sad, never fretful; that my countenance may always be open and cheerful, and my words kind and pleasant, as becomes those who, in whatever state of life they are, have the greatest of all goods, the favour of God and the prospect of eternal bliss.

Here you can find the entire novena.