The fount of all love

A while back I did a holy hour in a church with a baptismal font that had a fountain in it. It was always running, making a very gently kind of a sound.  It dawned on me how fitting that was. God is, as EP 2 says (which i will use for the first time today!) a fountain, a fountain of love, a fountain of holiness, and that fountain is always running.  Jesus’ pierced side….it is the source of that fountain, and the water and blood coming from his side spill into the world…into our every illness, our every bad day, our dead dreams and sadnesses…he fills it all with his love…and that fountain spills over our joys and laughs and smiles as well.  Today we take consolation in that.  As for a challenge, tradition has often spoken of Scripture as the “heart of Christ.” Perhaps today we might renew our pledge to spend at least some minutes each day on scripture.  We might start with Romans 8: What will separate of fromthe love of Christ? Trial, or distress, or persecution, or hunger, or nakedness, or the sword?…..”