Is there room for the Holy Spirit in our hearts?

The collect for today’s Mass begins this way: “O God, who prepared a fit dwelling place for the Holy Spirit In the Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary…”

What made Mary’s heart immaculate? There was room for the Holy Spirit in in it, it was filled with and totally animated by the HS. Mary shows us that when we leave room for the HS to take his rightful place in our hearts, He fills our veins, our lives with the gifts and fruits of the spirit…courage, piety, knowledge, wisdom, peace, love, joy etc. And then, suddenly, we realize that our  hearts are bigger than we ever thought they could be. They too can, in some important ways, become sacred, immaculate.

Pope Francis has consecrated the entire world to the immaculate heart of Mary. Why? Because the ministry of reconciliation we hear about in the first reading is most effectively achieved through the loving intercession of Mary. As we continue this Mass, we will use the EP 2 for reconciliation. Let us entrust the needs of this whole bloody world to the heart of our lady. She’ll take care of us.