Unmerited, permanent, amazing blessings from God

Today, as we celebrate the 4th of July, the Church gives us some beautiful readings that speak to the blessings that we have received from our God in this country and in our individual lives.  The first blessing is the blessing of life itself. Isaac says in the first reading: “As you can see, I am so old that I may now die at any time.”  Each breath, each heartbeat is a gift from God, and even as we celebrate “independence” today, we celebrate also that we are quite dependent upon God, so much so that our hearts can’t beat even once without him. Each moment we depend on him. Then there’s the famous story of Isaac’s blessing and how it goes to the “wrong son”; he’d intended to give it to Esau, but it goes to Jacob instead after the latter pretends to be Esau. It wasn’t a hard trick as Isaac was nearly blind. So Isaac gives this cherished blessing to the “wrong” son, but it’s irrevocable. And if a human blessing is irrevocable, imagine how much the more so the blessings from God are irrevocable. We may think we don’t deserve his blessing anymore, or that we have sinned too much, or that we aren’t worth of this or that blessing….but God says, nope, you’re getting it, no taksey-backsies. God’s blessings are constant, irrevocable, and breathtakingly amazing. Let us celebrate them today, especially the blessings God has given to this nation. And let us ask ourselves each day, “How can I be a blessing to someone this day?”